Geir-Harald Knutsen

Geir Harald Knutsen (lead trombone)
Geir Harald Knutsen (lead trombone)

Geir-Harald Knutsen (lead trombone) has been a member of  The Soulmates Band from the early start in 2006

Geir-Harald has built a professional career of teaching and playing different brass instruments (valve trombone, baryton, euphonium, bass trombone). He started playing brass instruments early on as a kid in local school bands, later on in wind bands, brass bands and orchestras. His first professional trombone was a Bach 36G.

In recent years he has focused mostly on big band  and combo bands. He has been a conductor of Paradis Big Band for nearly 20 years and through this participated in projects with various solists and groups.

His main horns are a King 3b with f valve and King 2b+ (as a lead horn). The preferred mouthpieces are Giardinelli 4m and 4g, but a Bach 7c megatone is in use from time to time.

As a professional educator, he has worked in grammar and music schools. At the moment he is working full time at Bergen Culture School.